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Disco Plate – Wooden

  • 100% Natural

  • made in Bali

  • 28 x 2 cm


  • IDR: Rp162,500

Disco Plate – Wooden

Size :

Diameter : 28cm

High : 2cm


Disco Plate - Wooden

Disco Plate – Wooden

This time we will make a bowl that is very useful for everyday life, but also very artistic using standard lathe equipment. Turning a pile of log firewood into a product is so much fun that every now and then we’ll even find a bowl hidden behind a log firewood.

1. First Steps: Equipment needed


2. Cutting wood raw materials


Split the log right in the middle. Cut to the size of a bowl. Mounting with a fastening plate which is usually included in a package with a lathe. Make sure it is screwed tight.

3. Bowl Making Process

membuat mangkok

We begin to scrape the wood material to form the base of the bowl. The scraping process must be slow and thin so that the results of the bowl are not too small.