Spaghetti Plate – Wooden


  • IDR: Rp150,000

  • 100% Natural

  • made in Bali

  • 30 x 30 x 1 cm

Spaghetti Plate - Wooden


  • IDR: Rp150,000

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Spaghetti Plate – Wooden

Size :

Long : 29cm

Wide : 30cm

High : 1 cm


Color :

Brown – Wood

Spaghetti Plate - Wooden
Spaghetti Plate – Wooden
This time we will make a bowl that is very useful for everyday life, but also very artistic using standard lathe equipment. Turning a pile of log firewood into a product is so much fun that every now and then we’ll even find a bowl hidden behind a log firewood.
1. First Steps: Equipment needed


2. Cutting wood raw materials


Split the log right in the middle. Cut to the size of a bowl. Mounting with a fastening plate which is usually included in a package with a lathe. Make sure it is screwed tight.

3. Bowl Making Process

membuat mangkok

We begin to scrape the wood material to form the base of the bowl. The scraping process must be slow and thin so that the results of the bowl are not too small.

Decoration and tableware have become an essential part of any interior design, or lifestyle brand, offering a vital experience, and a way of living that starts at the table.

The art of setting the table is an ability based on projecting our style into the little details to please the diners. Being a host means taking care of every aspect to make any culinary event a wonderful success.

In the last year, and thanks to the increased time spent at home, many brands and designers have paid more attention to offer attractive designs within their homeware lines, whether these are decorative objects, cutlery, tableware, or furniture.

In a world where everything is photographed via Instagram, thousands of images with table sets and decorative ideas through the Internet work as a source of inspiration, helping us to get into the hunt for f those objects to decorate both our home and table daily, as well as our special events.




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